‘it’s everyone’s journey’ has been developed by the Department for Transport in partnership with industry, disability groups and disabled people. The campaign forms part of the Government’s Inclusive Transport Strategy.

We want disabled people to be able to travel confidently, easily and without extra cost.

Improvements in accessibility and reliability are making a difference but we are not there yet.

We exist to raise awareness of the improvements being made on the ground, and the steps we all can take to create a more considerate and supportive travel environment.

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Want to take part?

With your support it’s everyone’s journey will help to make public transport more inclusive and accessible for the 1 in 5 people in the UK who are disabled. We’re looking for innovative ideas and ways to bring the campaign to life and reach our audience of disabled people and other public transport users. If you or your organisation has links to these groups, we’d love to hear from you. By joining us you could:

  • work with us and other partners to create exciting and impactful initiatives and communications
  • raise the profile of your organisation as an inclusive employer by showcasing the forward thinking work your organisation is doing
  • use the it’s everyone’s journey brand to identify your own activity or event under our collective banner
  • use our communication materials, tag us on Twitter or Facebook and use #ItsEveryonesJourney to be part of the conversation
  • share inspiring stories of improvements to public transport

Case studies

Here are some practical examples of how companies are making transport more inclusive:

Your Stories

These are some of the experiences of community members surrounding the difficulties they face using public transport and how a little consideration goes a really long way:

The Inclusive Transport Leaders Scheme

The Inclusive Transport Leaders Scheme is a new, voluntary accreditation scheme for transport operators. By meeting set criteria based on improving the travelling experience for disabled passengers, operators can make themselves eligible for one of three accreditation statuses: Inclusive Transport Committed, Inclusive Transport Operator or Inclusive Transport Leader. 

For more information on the ITLS see https://inclusivetransportleaders.campaign.gov.uk/

Transport for All have worked with the DfT to produce guidance for frontline rail and bus staff to help improve the travel experience for disabled people. This guidance supports wider DfT disability equality training resources.  


‘it’s everyone’s journey’ is a campaign which aims to enable more disabled people to use public transport with confidence. It has been developed by the Department for Transport in partnership with the transport industry, charities and disability groups.

The campaign forms part of the Government’s Inclusive Transport Strategy.

The campaign aims to communicate with all public transport users, including disabled people and their companions and support workers.

We’re always looking for organisations to lend their support to the campaign, and help us to make transport more inclusive.

If you’re interested in becoming a partner or a supporter, just fill out the form on the ‘Get Involved’ section of this site.

The campaign is also working with partners to encourage positive behaviours as we return to the network following the COVID-19 pandemic. New partner materials encourage small actions that can make a #WorldOfDifference

To follow campaign developments, sign up to our newsletter.

You can see a list of the organisations supporting ‘it’s everyone’s journey’ here.

This government wants to see disabled people have the same access to transport as everyone else, and to be able to travel confidently, easily and without extra cost. By 2030, we envisage equal access for disabled people using the transport system, with assistance if physical infrastructure remains a barrier.

Find out more about the progress that has already been made with the government’s Inclusive Transport Strategy – one year on summary report or for the latest news and announcements visit GOV.UK.

Visit the resources section of this website for ‘it’s everyone’s journey’ branding and guidance on how to show your support, or contact us if you have any queries.

If your organisation regularly communicates with the travelling public or has links with the disabled community, we’d love to hear from you! Register your support, or contact us at everyonesjourney@dft.gov.uk

Who else is involved?

We are working with a range of partners to bring about change for disabled people.

To support the return to public transport as COVID-19 restriction ease, we have teamed up with a number of influencers, transport operators, and charity partners who have signed an open letter to encourage everyone to be more considerate of each other on public transport. Read the open letter here.